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Outdoor Space

What is the Outdoor Living Experience?

A collaboration of leading specialists that bring the best of the outdoors to the homes of your customers.



We create comfortable, functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces.


We provide innovative technologies that make outdoor spaces truly livable.


We make it easy for you to provide the ultimate outdoor retreat for your clients without extra work or hassle.


Outdoor Culinary Kitchen

Nothing better than cooking outside

  • A place to show off your culinary skills and entertain your guests
  • Features smart pergolas in a traditional white color with white louvers by StruXure Outdoor offering motorized louvers to provide shade or open up depending on the climate and temperature throughout the day
  • Motorized retractable solar shades by Phantom Screens provide shading and retract completely out-of-sight when they’re not needed
    • Shading material is light to reflect solar energy while keeping the space bright
  • All systems are Powered by Somfy, which can be operated by the homeowners in real-time or dynamically controlled by innovative and smart motorization solutions
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A true four-season retreat

  • A beautiful, modern pergola in black with grey louvers by StruXure Outdoor provides a sturdy watertight covering in rain or opens up to blue skies thanks to motorized louvers
  • Phantom Screens provides eight screens in total - four recessed (hidden within StruXure Outdoor's beam and posts) insect screens and four recessed clear vinyl panels
    • Insect screens used to let in fresh air and keep out pests in warm season(s)
    • Clear vinyl used to keep the space warm (but bright) during the cold season(s)
  • Both the pergola and screens are Powered by Somfy motorization and provide control via wind sensors, multi-channel remotes, & voice control with smart speakers
    • Screens are on dual roller systems to give homeowners the best of both worlds
    • Environmental control opportunities: wind sensor, temperature control
Check out the SMART Patio


Open Sky Theater

Recreate the Drive-in

  • A smart pergola that is largely encased in genuine wood with adobe accents and tan louvers by StruXure Outdoor that provides an adjustable louver that can be opened on warm starry nights or closed during cooler evenings
  • The sides of the pergola can be enclosed and opened fully or partially with motorized solar shades by Phantom Screens
    • Four screens in total - three dark recessed solar screens and one recessed projection (movie)/solar screen
    • The retractable “movie screen” from Phantom Screens serves the tri-fold purpose of picture projection, daylight management, and climate control
    • The dark solar shades absorb light when watching a matinee, while also provides solar shading to cool the space in warm weather, and retain heating within the space during cooler weather 
    • The projector screen performs the same function as the solar screens, with the added benefit of serving as a movie screen
  • Both StruXure Outdoor and Phantom Screens motorized products are Powered by Somfy, which can be operated by the homeowner or automatically controlled by smart devices that monitor outdoor temperatures and conditions
  • An area for an outdoor theater like no other
Journey with us through the Open Sky Theater