Latch stop.

Fresh air in. Unwanted guests out. 

Introducing latch stop. Phantom's newest feature for door screens with the latching handle. 

Your door screen's new best friend.

Though it may be just a screen door, for many people the ability to lock the retractable screen provides them with greater peace of mind. This new locking feature will help deliver an elegant solution for Phantom Screens customers who want that sense of security that the latching handle alone doesn’t provide. All while being a more cost-effective and high-grade option than any other add-on solutions. 

The benefits

Why choose latch stop?

Our retractable screen doors are there when you need them, keeping those bugs out, and vanish totally out of sight when you don’t. Imagine that NOW with the ability to lock the screen door, too! With the latch stop feature, you can! Whether you want to upgrade your existing Phantom door screen with the latching handle, or you're a first-time Phantom door screen buyer, this is for you! 

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Knowing someone unwanted can’t simply walk in.

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Being aware of any surprise drop-ins or people entering (even if they're invited!)

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Limiting small children’s ability to open the screen.

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Adding one more barrier to accidental openings of the screen.

How it works

Simple to use

To LOCK the handle:

- Pull the screen door across so it's in use
- Press down on the slider so that the top of the slider is flush with the top of the handle
- This will activate the latch lock by preventing the lever from being operated and the retractable screen door cannot be used
- It's now locked!



To UNLOCK the handle:

- Press upwards on the slider to disengage the latch stop
- The slider should protrude above the top of the handle
- The screen can now be operated
- It's now unlocked!



Door types

Available on Phantom's door screens


Single door screens

In-swing or out-swing doors,


Sliding patio door screens

Single or double sliding patio doors.

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Double door screens

In-swing or out-swing double or French doors.

Our fans

What they're saying

"OMG! I've been wanting this for my screen for forever. Now my mother in law has to yell to get in, rather than just walking in!" 😉 Jamee L.
"My son figured out how to open the handle, but the Latch Stop makes it easy to know he can't just escape!" Chris P.
"Sometimes I feel uncomfortable leaving the screen open while upstairs, but the Latch Stop gives me peace of mind knowing no one can just simply walk in!" Heather B.

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*The latch stop feature is currently only available in Canada 

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Whether you already own a latch stop or are considering one, here are some helpful tips to check out.

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